Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Twitter Round Up

This round up will re-examine my travels from the month through my non expert photography (ha!), foreign and domestic. It will also give you more of a glimpse into my personal life. So, that you can get to me! I'm fairly personable in all of my posts, but here, you'll actually be able to see what I do with some of my downtime as well!


Two of my all time favorite pastimes: bubble baths and margaritas. I thoroughly enjoy taking a nice long soak after work, and engaging in some adult beverages. In March, I got a bottle of Jose Cuervo's Special Edition Silver Tequila. It was yummy!! Oh, and I tried Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream for the first time. If you've never had it, add it to your "to-do list," it comes highly recommended!! 

Camping anyone? First of all, AirBNB posted the above left photo (on twitter) of a boat hotel?! HOW COOL IS THAT? It also has a grill on it. This is officially on my Must Travel list (ha!). It's almost summer. So camping is of  course a "hot topic," for those not brave enough to weather the elements! ;)

Snuggles with my Bengal, Jeter. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Selfie of moi trying the Long Island Lemoncello from Olive Garden. It was on the lemon-y side, btw. 

NOT a selfie (but a girl can dream!) I RT'd (ReTweeted) this because it was absolutely beautiful!

In a random late night conversation with my wonderful little sister, we both turned on the compass app on our respective phones, and the Compass was at 333 degrees Northwest for her and 3 degrees North for me. We were kind of freaking out. (We live just 100 miles away from each other, by the way)

Thank you Expedia! Don't forget, you can take alcohol in your carry-on, as long is it adheres to the 3 ounce rule!!! 

Here is Blue II, the previous mascot for Butler University in Indianapolis, taking a potty break at the University of Notre Dame. I HAD to post this when Butler played Notre Dame in the NCAA Basketball Championship!! I'm a PROUD Butler Alumni! So sad they didn't beat ND. :(

Throwback Thursday to FIVE YEARS AGO on my vacation to see my lifetime pen pal in San Antonio!! It was so much fun!! She's now in Austin, and I can not wait to visit with her again! She and I have been pen pals since about the 2nd grade. I'm now 27! 

And, in closing, my two FAVORITE selfies from my most recent visit to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. I won't share too much, as a blog post will be coming in the coming in the next few days, but these pictures:
1) will be framed &
2) are simply amazing (if I do say so myself). 

I hope you've enjoyed my photographic review of March, from Twitter! 

Until next time, 

Happy travels! 


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