Saturday, April 25, 2015

Newport Aquarium: Explore Your Town Series Part 4

Part 4 in the Explore Your Town Series features the Newport Aquarium, and it is absolutely a MUST SEE for the MidWest! It is located right along the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Admission is as follows:
Adults 13-64 years: $23 (annual pass, $45)
Children 2-12 years: $15 (annual pass $29)
Seniors 65+: $23 (annual pass $40)
Full details on pricing can be found here. It was voted Number 1 by travelers and readers over at 10 Best! Yes, that's right, Number 1 in the United States! That's a pretty big feat! They have a number of exhibits of distinction that have helped propel them to the top of that list.
Newport has many temporary exhibits. They are known for a variety of exhibits as well. New in 2015, you can find the otters in Canyon Falls.

Coming in Mid-April of 2015, there will be a new "Shark Walk," exhibit, which will suspend over the shark tank, and visitors are invited to walk across! The Aquarium will also be introducing Hammerhead sharks as well!! The Newport Aquarium is probably most famous already for the way that they exhibit their sharks with a HUGE underwater viewing gallery in one portion of the tour, and then through tunnels as you pass through other exhibits and places in the Aquarium.

A couple of my favorite exhibits besides the NEW adorable otters and the sharks would have to be the Jellyfish and who doesn't love Penguins? The shore gallery was a lot of fun as well-being able to pet and touch the sea anenemomes and starfish. You can also pet sharks in Shark Central, if you're daring enough!! Then, there are the albino alligators in Gator Alley, and you might also be lucky enough to see Might Mike, who is an impressive 14 feet long and 800 pounds!!

I am currently looking into obtaining my own Annual Pass, since I am now a resident. It pays for itself in 2 visits! It's an excellent value if you live within driving distance. There is so much to see and do on the Levee, from lunch, arcade games, movie theaters and bars. You can spend an entire day overlooking the beautiful Ohio River and the skyline of Cincinnati!

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