Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Twitter Round-Up

So, like any "baby blogger," I've started following fellow travel bloggers, in an effort to SEE how best to go about this blogging ordeal. Of course, I've read all of the posts saying, "This is how you Run a Successful Travel Blog." Ok, that's all well and good, but WHO is actually running a successful travel blog, and what are they doing?

Well, Ms. Emily Luxton is doing just that! She had a recent post, February Instagram Round Up. I thought it was brilliant. Slight problem: I own a BlackBerry. If you don't have a BlackBerry, then I cannot express to you how AWFUL "iGrann" is. So, as you can tell from the title of this post, I'm going to do a slight variation and frame it around twitter. While I do have an Instagram, it gets far less use than it has in the past because the platform is just not there on BlackBerry. So, I tweet my little heart out. In fact, I even tweeted Emily to make sure I could "steal," this idea from her. She ever so kindly encouraged my thievery. :)

This round up will re-examine my travels from the month through my non expert photography (ha!), foreign and domestic. It will also give you more of a glimpse into my personal life. So, that you can get to me! I'm fairly personable in all of my posts, but here, you'll actually be able to see what I do with some of my downtime as well!

Expedia Chat
I absolutely love the weekly #ExpediaChat on Twitter (@Expedia). You get to connect with many other travels, and share all of your combined experiences. Well, February had an African Safari themed chat. Well, it's a dream of mine to go on an African Safari, but until then, I suppose the Exotic Feline Rescue Center , located in Center Point, Indiana will have to suffice for now. (Side note: One of the aspects of my ever increasing bucket list, is to visit every Zoo, Aquarium, and Sanctuary in the continental United States.) The EFRC is a non-profit, BIG cat rescue. You can get face to face (with a fence between) of these big cats. They run solely on donations and volunteers, with admission being $10/adults, $5/children under 12. I cannot wait to revisit to the EFRC. Their tour guides were extremely knowledgeable. These cats are RESCUES. It is imperative that you follow the rules. Once you hear some of the circumstances that these big cats came from, I'm sure you'll be more than respectful.  I'm hoping to attend one of their Evening Roar Events, which are when these big cats are supposed to be most active! How exciting would that be?? Here are the pictures I posted to Twitter from my visit at the EFRC:

I did not even have to zoom in. How amazing are these pictures? Check back for a full post of the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in the upcoming week! 

In my spare time, I like to cook and bake. Above, you see homemade Chicken and Dumplings: only attempt if you have 3 hours to waste in the kitchen. This is my Grandmother's recipe. So, don't even bother asking for it ;) Below, are cupcakes. They're the perfect snack. I have a tendency to eat 1/4 of a cake if I bake the whole thing-cupcakes prevent that!

I have not had my own luggage, well, ever. I've been looking and researching for the past 2 years, and borrowing my sister's or my father's luggage when I need it. I've gotten by on my domestic travel with duffle bags and back packs. So, when my Dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas (2015, he plans ahead), I told him, luggage. What's the best kind of luggage to buy? My expert opinion is that, that decision is entirely individual. There are pros and cons to all the different types of luggage out there. Eventually, it'll have to be replaced, in my opinion. So, since I'm going on a cruise in April, my father went ahead and gave me my Christmas present WAY early, but THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES: 

OI! I'm in love! It's hardside, with the 4 wheels that spin in every direction. Each suitcase came with it's own lock, the 2 smaller ones are actually small enough to be carryons, yay! I hardly ever check a bag, but I did want a larger one. So, if I ever fly SouthWest, I can check a bag. (See what I did there?)

However, if that doesn't work, I highly recommend: 

  Baths, Candles & Wine are life. 

Baker-Bird Winery
In case you missed, here is my post on Baker-Bird Winery in Augusta, Kentucky. To my knowledge, it is the ONLY wine trail (Back Roads Wine Trail) in the state of Kentucky. Since my boyfriend took me on Valentine's Day (unintentional), he also spoiled me with a bottle of the Kentucky Black Barrel, you know, the one aged in Bourbon barrels. Oh, yum! If you can get it shipped to you, I highly recommend it, if not, come visit, and I'll take you on the Wine Trail-free coaster! ha!

Yes, I actually post things like this on the Internet...twice apparently. My picture was taken at my friend's 80's themed birthday party. The picture of my bengal, Jeter, was part of a larger picture (edited to do a side by side), in which we were celebrating and thanking our follower for reaching 250 on our Instagram. I am the moderator for the Instagram and Twitter for the non-profit Bengal Rescue. Both handles are: @GLBengalRescue

Never Forget

Again, the hashtag (pound sign) was how this was distinguished for my birthday...along with about 5 other hashtags. Anyways, I've kept with the hashtag theme throughout my Twitter, Instagram and Travel Blog. Here is that post, in case you missed that. I like to think it's one of my better blog posts thus far. :) ENJOY!! 

I took enough #selfies to last a lifetime

How could you pass up an authentic #PuertoRicancigar. It was all about the experience!

Banana Boat ride on my birthday #safetyfirst

#TransformationTuesday #birthdaygirl
Since we're often mistaken for twins, I'm on the right in 2010 and the left in 2015. 

Anddd, one final funny. Is this EVER a problem? I swear, the ocean is like a lullaby to me!!

I hope you have enjoyed this Twitter Round Up for February. It was fun for me to go back and look at some of the pictures I had shared with all of my followers, and I am glad to have shared them with you all as well!! 

Puerto Rico was the first vacation that I funded entirely on my own. That was very special to me. It was also my birthday, and the first destination birthday I have ever been on. I am GRATEFUL for that experience, and I am so happy that Puerto Rico has been my unofficial kick off for world travel. I was so happy to get to look back on my visit to the EFRC twice. It was an experience unlike any other, and I am eager to blog about it. I hope you learned a little bit about me as well, and my little shadow of a Bengal, Jeter. He's something else entirely LOL. 

Thank you for visiting! Until next time...



  1. Wow, looks like you had a pretty exciting February :) Puerto Rico looks amazing!

  2. Puerto Rico was amazing!! Thank you for the inspiration, and thank you for checking out my post!! I appreciate it! Oh, and *high five* for being the first to ever comment on my blog!! :)