Sunday, March 22, 2015

Exotic Feline Rescue Center: Center Point, Indiana

One of my most favorite adventures to date!!

Literally, my favorite selfie EVER

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center is located in Center Point, Indiana, which is approximately an hour southwest of Indianapolis. If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. EFRC operates solely on donations and volunteers!! They are open Sunday through Tuesday from 10a-5p. Admission is only $10/adults and $5/children under 12. Rain or shine!! Totally feasible if you compare it to most zoo admissions!!

From the moment we got there, everyone was truly knowledgeable. If they didn't know "Cat Facts," they at least knew the animals' names, personalities, and why they were acting the way they were. Our guides were amazing. They knew everything about the animals that we saw on the tour. The EFRC offers a home for the rest of these rescued cats' lives. And they are all rescued, either from abuse, abandonment or some other reason. The EFRC is their "furever home," and they ABSOLUTELY DO NOT sell or breed these animals. They do everything in their power to educate the public on each cat that is in their sanctuary, while stressing the importance of why these animals are not "pets." Many animals, and this is not unique to EFRC, arrive at animal sanctuaries because someone thought they'd make a good family pet...until they grew up...and acted like nature intended them too. As of a year ago, this month (March 2014), the EFRC had 212 felines in its care, and you see approximately 60-65 on the tour.

In the future, when I visit Indiana on one of my (hopefully) many trips home, I would like to attend one of their Evening Roar Events.  You get to visit the rescue near dusk, when the cats are most active. However, on my visit to the EFRC, I was fortunate enough to visit around dinner. I heard the lions ROAR, and it was amazing. I had no idea just how loud their roar was. I literally felt the vibrations. It was one of the most intense and memorable experiences of my life! There are a variety of other events as well! They have various fundraisers throughout the state, and a 5k run, and even some kid friendly events as well! 

Check out some of my favorite photos below! You get so much closer than a zoo!!

Once again, DEFINITELY check them out if at all possible!

Until next time!! Happy travels!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of blogging! I have been absolutely slammed at work the last 2 weeks! I'm hoping to set up a few drafts that I can just publish when times like these happen!

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