Thursday, February 12, 2015

Harry & Izzy's

Well, this post is a little late coming. It's been hectic around here since the holiday's. I moved to a different state, and then I had my birthday in Puerto Rico (that post is coming soon!).

For Christmas with my father (sister and step mother as well) this year, we all went to dinner in Downtown Indianapolis at Harry and Izzy's. THIS PLACE GETS *****FIVE STARS*****

It was amazing. 

Harry and Izzy's is the sister restaurant to the iconic St. Elmo's Steakhouse. It also resides in the historic Ross Jewelers store on Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis. The old clock is still outside of Harry and Izzy's. The Restaurant offers casual dining compared to that of St. Elmo's. I have never been to St. Elmo's, but I hope to give it a try when I go back to Indy sometime, especially after my amazing experience at Harry and Izzy's. They also have a Harry and Izzy's at the Indianapolis International Airport, fellow travelers!!!

Our VisitThere was something for everyone on their menu.  All meals came with salad. My sister ordered a pizza, that was the size of something you'd have delivered, my step mom got fish, and my father and I both ordered the BBQ chicken-we could have split the plate! The food was delicious, and I literally had 2 days worth of leftovers. I think I had a whole chicken on my plate (not really, but it felt that way). We also "sampled" their margaritas. I was still on my margarita bender from the Bahamas. They were delicioso!! I had a traditional margarita on the rocks, and my sister opted for strawberry. The bartenders and cooks can definitely rival each other in their skills. 
                               BBQ Chicken                                                    Margaritas


Again, this place gets five stars. I have heard great things about it from others, and I will DEFINITELY be going back. They've got history and amazing food & drinks, what's not to love? Thanks SO much to my dad for taking my tastebuds there, and I definitely can not wait to give St. Elmo's a try a try as well! It's on this foodie's bucket list of restaurants!!

Close it out with a selfie from that night:



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