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Barhopping in Indy: Part I

Traveling to Indy? Just live there? I decided to do a piece on some of the bars in Indianapolis that I have been to. This list is not exclusive. Let's not go back to my college years of barhopping (do I even remember those anyways?). Also, this is Part I! I will definitely be adding to this list, especially now that I have reviewing in mind. Hopefully, this will give you a feel of the people at the bar, prices, atmosphere, etc.

Wild Beaver (Downtown Indianapolis)
My new favorite place to be! My sister and I discovered this gem on her birthday this past summer. We've been back a handful of times since, but only on "Thirsty Thursday," as they have 8oz "Beaver Beer," on special, and let me tell you...I have no idea what it is (other than a light beer,) but it is delicious. And can anyone beat 50 cent beer? I didn't think so.
Thursday's are also karaoke night (ugh, I think I'm the only person in the world that HATES karaoke).
It's got a country feel to it. Lot's of camo and boots, which is a-okay with me, as I'm a country girl myself. We have found that it starts to get packed between 9p-11p.
The beaverette's (s/p?) get up on the bar and "dance," but I'm not sure if that's nightly or just a Thursday thing. We've been invited to get up on the bar, but I would hate for those poor girls to lose their jobs (; Maybe one night when "I'm feelin 22..."

8 Seconds Saloon (West Indianapolis)
THE ONLY COUNTRY BAR IN INDIANAPOLIS. Do not be fooled by imitations. 8 Seconds is truly the ONLY bar that is pure country. Wednesdays, ladies get in free, and they offer free line dancing lessons. I've been dying to learn, but it's never worked for me to go out on a Wednesday. That's what YouTube is for, right?
Drinks are always reasonably priced. Mixed drinks run an average of  $5/drink. I'm a Jack & Diet girl, and they mix them up JUST RIGHT.
Let's not forget concerts! I have attended 85% of the concerts at 8 Seconds. If you regularly attend, you have the chance to snag discount tickets, that you can bring in the day of the show (no up front costs). I have shamelessly stopped in throughout the week, just to grab some if I know I'm going to be going to a show. On concert nights, bud light buckets are $18, and there are SIX in the bucket. (I hate places that only give you 5. How do you share 5 beers?). 8 Seconds also has pool tables, a full dance floor (biggest in Indy I've seen), games, several bars, shot girls walking around, and plenty of seating. I've rarely had to stand for a show.
I've also been fortunate enough to do some Meet and Greet's. Some of the shows I've seen: Colt Ford, Randy Houser, Dustin Lynch, Thompson Square, Joe Diffie, Jason Michael Carol, Love and Theft, The Cadillac 3, LoCash Cowboys, Chris Cagle, Keith Anderson, Neil McCoy, and there are plenty more. Sometimes, the performers will do signings after the show, which is how I met Jon Pardi!
8 Seconds is and always will be my favorite hometown bar.
Many people know of 8 Seconds because of a tried (and failed?) hip hop club that used to be in the back, Tremors. Well, that has been replaced by MarX, which is a sports bar. Since it's opening, my sister and I go straight back there, have a seat and get into our first bucket before the show starts. There's always open seating, the games are on, there's an additional dance floor, as well as pool tables.

Saddle Up (Castleton)
Um, ew. Advertised as a country bar, and so far from it. I've been a handful of times, as my best friend literally lives around the corner. We HATE it. You'll hear hip hop then country, then pop & repeat. I guess this is for a younger crowd that enjoys music, and likes to occasionally listen to country. There's a cover (ew) and the drinks are pricey (ew). I've been wanting to take my sister, as I think it's more her scene-younger & twerking on the dance floor, but for us, it is a bit of a drive, and quite frankly, not worth it to make the effort. Plus, IT'S IN A BAD NEIGHBORHOOD. Or rather, on the outskirts of it, but still. I've had issues in the parking lot (I'm not the girl you wanna holla at at 2am, trust and believe LOL).

Howl at the Moon (Downtown Indianapolis)
Seems to be a good bar, always lined up out the door, always packed. Not my scene. Full of college kids. (Was I that annoying at bars in college. College self apologizes!) They do have good drink specials, just check before you go. The cover is SEVEN DOLLARS? Am I cheap, or just used to get in for free?

Kilroys (Downtown Indianapolis)
The menu at Kilroy's is amazing. They have an extensive list of long island iced teas, shooters and shots. Try them all! I used to go regularly for their half priced long islands, but they did away with, which in my opinion was a pretty awful business move. I've been to lunch/dinner in Broad Ripple, but that's it. They do seem to have better service in Broad Ripple! IF YOU ARE A FEMALE CUSTOMER AT KILROYS IN DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLIS, DO NOT EXPECT EVEN SUB AVERAGE SERVICE. Order multiple things at once. It's truly ridiculous. It's the one pitfall to Kilroys-their female wait staff is just so awful. I have never been ignored, and I always tip 20% or more! I have walked out of Kilroy's without tipping, except a life tip on the receipt. If I'm out for a drink, I don't want to sit at my table for 30 minutes with an empty glass.

Bartinis (Downtown Indianapolis)
Bartinis was a college frequent, but I've still popped in over the years. However, the last few times I've been in, it hasn't been busy...hardly at all. Once was on a Friday. I guess they are jam packed on Saturday nights though. So, give that a go.
It's really only good on the weekend, feel like it's dropped off since I was in college

Peppers (Greenwood)
Honestly, I think this is a gem. It's lowkey. DOES have a dance floor...They have karaoke, pool tourneys. I've been in on a few holidays, and they decorate, have special drinks. I always get good service. The drinks are definitely reasonably priced. I've also never had them make a drink incorrectly. It does get pretty packed on the weekends. I guess it's kind of hit or miss. The kitchen stays open til midnight (unless that's changed). I was popping in here through the week, and just have not been able to go recently, but I've been going to Peppers for about 4 years now. It's a good little in town bar.

Robby's Pub (SW Indianapolis)
I've only been here once, but their fried pickles are absolute perfection, and I'm a connoisseur of fried pickles. hahahaha! They have different beers on tap special every night of the week. Just a nice, south side bar. I definitely look forward to going back. It was a cheap night out with some friends. The food was good, it wasn't too terribly busy the night we went (we got a booth), and we drank the beer that was on tap special that night. Service was very good. I had kind of been leery, as I live close by. So, driving by, I would always see a ton of people congregated right out front smoking (of course due to the smoking ban), but I guess it just kind of made me avoid the place of "the loud outside drunks," totally the opposite though. Worth a looksy.

That's just about all I've been too, in recent months. I'll probably definitely add to this list and check more places out in the future now though.

Downtown Indianapolis
Tilted Kilt
Broad Ripple
Wild Beaver Saloon
Mass Ave


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