Monday, February 16, 2015

Snappy Tomato Pizza

My first post for "Explore Your Town Series," or #ExYTS.

I'll make this snappy! ;) Too corny?

So Snappy originated in the Northern Kentucky area. Fort Mitchell to be exact!! They are known for their DAILY made from scratch dough, and their REAL tomato sauce, not paste! DEELISH!!! Also, I don't think their pizza is overly greasy! (sidenote!)

Being a former vegetarian, I still looove my veggie pizza. So, I got a medium (6 square slices), half veggie, half cheese. The veggie came with: sliced black olives, diced onions & green bell peppers, and mushrooms. I loved it. I am a huge fan of diced veggies on pizza, if they're not diced, I find my mouth pulling off too much and cheese, leaving a naked slice. So, kudos for the slicing & dicing! It makes a difference!! And the cheese was just as good! ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT!!! The first pizza I've reheated that didn't lose its flavor & get soggy! SCORE!

FIVE STARS! Especially for Kentucky based pizza. ;)

Their full menu is online; they offer much more than pizza including hoagies, pasta, and salad!

Support local, eat local! (I specifically ordered from the Cold Spring location!!)

Twitter: @Snappy_Tomato


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