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Bahama Mama Adventures

Flying in...

I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Nassau, Bahamas in my former position as a Household Manager. Their oldest daughter got married AND IT WAS GORGEOUS.

Selfie from my patio, with ocean & palm trees in background
We stayed at The One and Only Ocean Club, which overlooked the beautiful Caribbean. Here is a snippet from their website: "The secret escape of the world's elite, this island resort exemplifies tropical colonial elegance, reflecting the refined qualities of an elegant estate. The terraced steps of the Versailles Gardens with 12th-century Augustinian cloisters, lead down to the finest beach in the Bahamas, Ocean-view dining and all manner of water play." The resort map is beyond useful, especially as my travel adventures have only just began: 
 I had traveled in my youth, with my parents. Then I went to college, I was living with a boyfriend, and with finances, traveling just was not an option. So, this was my first adventure as a full fledged adult. On the map, my room was in the Hartford Wing (23). I frequented Dune Bar (4), and my beach access (; was 9. 
The Hartford Wing was gorgeous. Of course there are villas and private residences, but can anything beat hearing the ocean through your door at night, and waking up to the sounds of waves hitting the shores? I don't think so! The following are pictures taken from The One and Only Website: 
The bathroom was perfect. Of course, complimentary toiletries. There was a seperate (doored off) area for the toilet and bidet. Double sinks, robes and slippers & the tub was perfect to soak in. 

Yup, this was my view. In addition to the table seen above, there were two lounge chairs on the balcony. I ate a few dinners out here, and the view just could not be beat. 

The bedroom! Obviously huge, comfortable bed, small sitting area. There was also a wet bar, restocked daily, or as requested. Flat screen television and a full closet with hangers, and several suitcase racks. Double sliding doors for balcony/patio entrance. 

Here are some pictures from my personal collection of The One and Only private beach. They gracioualy kept the mimosas and margaritas coming (; 

In addition to room service, I ate several of my meals at Dune Bar to eat where I endulged in breakfast, drinks, and lunch/dinner. Being a resort that caters to the upper class, breakfast (with my roommate) ran about $100. I keep it simply with eggs and turkey bacon (nom! turkey bacon!). I also found out that I greatly enjoy mimosas, and have been drinking them since I came back stateside. I believe my margaritas were in the $6-10 range. Lunch and dinner, I'm not entire sure what that ran, but I would guess approximately $150. I must stress that these prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, are all for TWO PEOPLE with 15% included gratuity. I always tipped more, as the staff was SO INCREDIBLY ATTENTIVE.

What should you try on the menu? 
The "Jerk Chicken Sandwich," with avocado, watercress and sauteed mushrooms, and of course I took a picture of my favorite meal: 
Jerk Chicken Sandwich and Margarita

The following are pictures from the One and Only of Dune Bar:

A few from my camera roll of the view of the beach from Dune:

I also got to play at Atlantis! The group I was with had a cabana most of the time we were there. The service was exceptional. At the time we were in the cabana, I was technically on the clock. So, no drinking for me, more just observing, helping to keep track of the group. The service was exceptional though! I did get to go the casino. I only gambled once, but I did double my bet as a first time Blackjack player! A few nights in, my roommate and I went back to the casino. The original plan was to gamble, but then I ran into my friend Rosemary, who is a travel journalist. Her and I had actually met on the plan from Charlotte to Nassau! Since that double chance encounter, we have remained friends! Rosemary and I ended up going off on our own, and my roommate went off with some of her friends from home (Indianapolis). Rosemary knew a group of women who had VIP at Aura Nightclub! IT WAS AMAZING! Bottle service! Champagne and Strawberries! Dancing! It was by far my most exciting night. I met some amazing people from all over the world, and got to dance the night away with my new friend Rosemary. (: On my last night in the Bahamas, I went back to the casino to cash out my chips (blackjack winner!!!), and hung out at the Mesa Grill Bar, where I continued to indulge in my new found love for margaritas. 

Obviously, it was a five star trip, and I would go back in a heart beat if I could! The "brief" details above do not even encompass the trip. There were so many activities due the wedding, but that would probably triple this "snippet" that I have tried to write. I had already began my Traveling Bucket List, but this trip only fueled the thirst to travel more more more more!!!! 

Until my next adventure...


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Conga line dancer, pre wedding entertainment
One and Only Resort

Flying out of Miami, on my way home! 

One and Only Resort

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