Monday, January 12, 2015

Our First Road Trip!

First leg of the trip!

Ok, so let's start. We left Kentucky about 1030am, due to a snow/sleet/ice wintery mix. Jeter meowed the whole way to Indianapolis (1 hour and 30 minutes).  Dropped him off, got him settled & I missed him terribly. That's my babyyy. ((:

Here's driving through Illinois:

We arrived at around 11pm, and we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Urbandale...I chose the Holiday Inn, as my Dad (Lt for IMPD) has always worked security for them, and thus, when we vacationed, we got discounted room rates. It had it's pro's and con's though...
Con's: It was older, kind of ran down. There was a crack in the ceiling, that ran the length of the room, and the repair job was crappy enough that it was visibly noticeable. Also, while the room was clean, it REEKED of man's cologne. I mean REEKED.
Pro's: The bathroom was fairly nice. (pictures below) Of course, I failed to think to bring my swimsuit, so I can't comment on the pool.

We did order pizza that night from Northern Lights Pizza Company, while we were in Urbandale, Iowa.  It was good for a local pizza place! I have issues with pizza always disagreeing with me, but it settled fine, and it would be worth checking out, if you ever find yourself in Iowa!
Here are a few pictures as we were driving through Nebraska and Denver: 

Second Leg!

We left early on 12/21/14, to make it to Denver by nightfall, and we made it. We stayed at the Double Tree by Hilton, and it WAS all it was cracked up to be. My boyfriend ordered their bison meatloaf (yum!), and I ordered a veggie sandwich wrap that night from Radius Bar and Grill, which was located within the hotel. We also drank off some of the stress. Ha! I am definitely looking forward to my next stay at a Double Tree hotel. It was just perfect. No complaints!

Woke up on Monday, headed to the bank, and made our transaction for this beauty:

Homeward Bound! 

On our way back, we were racing ahead of a snow storm, and battling 50mph winds across the plains of Nebraska. Ugh. It was awful. That night, we only made it as far as Lincoln, which given the circumstances was a pretty good haul. We hadn't eaten all day, opting to drive and get ahead of the bad weather, in an attempt to get home by Christmas. So, on our way out of Colorado, we stopped in at Santiago's. If you are ever in the vicinity of Denver, there are several Santiago's locations. They have been featured in various reviews and articles. It's worth it. My boyfriend's mom and I both got the Chicken Fajitas. My boyfriend got tacos-they were huge!!

Chicken Fajitas

Later that night, we stopped in at the Comfort Inn. Now, this is a 2 star hotel, but NOT BAD AT ALL. Probably because it was in Nebraska, small towns can have hidden gems. The front desk clerk was more than accomadating. The vending machine wasn't working. So, he comped up drinks and snacks from behind the desk. We also took advantage of their continental breakfast, which was mostly cold (oatmeal, bagels, cereal, etc), but it was plenty to get the morning started. Here are my pictures from there:

So, our first road trip was a SUCCESS! We didn't kill each other, and that HAS to count for something. I got to get to know his mom on a much more personal level-she's a saint. My next trip is in 21 days! Puerto Rico for my birthday!!

Until next time!


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Sorry for the editing issues. No matter how much I played with the pictures, they would not cooperate -_-

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