Monday, January 12, 2015

Ending 2014 with Blessings

So, this post, was inspired by another fellow blogger, that I randomly found and followed. (Here is her post, Happy Thoughts: Part 2.)

I'm going to do my own spin on her post. I'll list 3 things that I'm grateful, thankful, happy, lucky for every day until the end of the year. Basically, just 3 good things that happen to me daily.

1. I finished my Christmas shopping, or rather, helped Nathan finish his.
2. Snuggles with my Jeter <3
3. Bubble baths

1. My family. They're amazinggg, always keeping me grounded & a special thanks to my seestor, watching JeJe for me
2. Unexpected road trips to Denver with my love
3. The NEW chili's menu (omg, nom!)

1. I'm so grateful that Nathan has excellent communication skills when we're having issues. Road trips make for grumpy people & his patience is amazing.
2. Verizon's amazing service. I don't mind paying more when I can contact my loved ones
3. The relationship I have with my sister is the best ever. My sister, my best friend, better half & soul-mate

1. Mountain Views
2. Starbucks, or Coffee in general
3. Our New Truck

1. Making it home safe and sound in time for Christmas
2. My memory foam bed
3. Jeter. Oh, how I missed him!!

1) I'm so glad to have spent Christmas Eve with my Mom & Sister!! I love our little family.
2) Our traditions: I swear our Chinese dinner was the best ever.
3) I had no idea what to expect gift wise, but I'm blown away and so grateful!!!

1) I'm grateful for those, such as my mother, who have to work holidays
2) My sister and I celebrated Friendsmas 2014, drinking wine & playing my Spongebob Monopoly (:
3. My friends!!!

1. The WONDERFUL staff at 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis!
2. I found out my boyfriend may be able to spend New Year's Eve with me!!
3. Designated drivers (:

1. Today I made Chicken Enchilada Pasta, and it was a success!!
2. I'm thankful for quality time watching tv with my sister after work.
3. I love working for the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue! The kitties are so cute!!

1. Wineries are God's gift to women, and I'm so thankful they're open on Sundays in Indiana.
2. I got to spend #SundayFunday with one of my VERY best friends, and we went to Cedar Creek Winery in Martinsville, IN
3. I'm so happy I learned how to make our family's chip dip, because I made a mean batch this afternoon.

1. I went to Harry & Izzy's in Downtown Indianapolis tonight, it was amazing! (Blog post soon)
2. Thankful I finally got to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and Stepmother
3. My Dad and Step mom also got a new puppy, Kona. She's the cutest French Bulldog EVER.

1. I talked to my Grandma, and I'll finally be able to see her on the 2nd, for Christmas, officially
2. Today was spent cleaning in preparation of my boyfriend visiting for NYE. Having a clean place relieves stress in ways though, in my opinion.
3. I made bird feeders today, as Christmas gifts for those I have yet to see! I'll probably blog about them, as they were SO easy to make, everyone loved them, and they're cute, with country flair!

Without being repetitive and listing the same 3 things twice, I'm beyond grateful that I got to close out 2014 with both my Sister and my Boyfriend. We were fortunate enough to meet Jason Michael Carol while at his concert at 8 seconds, and for the first time ever (in this relationship), I got to kiss my boyfriend at midnight.

While editing this (and hopefully catching all errors), it just made me realize that even though I'm stressed to the brim, I have so much to be appreciative for and of. I have finally surrounded myself with a core group of good, positive people, and I am SO ready to start my new chapter in 2015. A lot of changes happened for me at the turn of the year, most of which I'm sure to detail in upcoming blog posts. When you feel at your worst, why not sit down and write out 3 things to be grateful for? It can instantly change your mood. Finding the positive is always worth it.


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