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My Beautiful Bengal Boy, Jeter

So, I have a few things that I would like to talk about concerning my beautiful Bengal cat Jeter. First, I'll introduce you to him. Then, I'll do some "Bengal Education," and lastly, I'll discuss  the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue, which I am actively involved in.

Owning a bnegal is definitely not for the faint of heart. Jeter, named after the infamous and now retired Yankees short stop, Derek Jeter, is actually on his first trip to Kentucky with me to visit my boyfriend. Jeter resides with myself and two roommates back home in Indianapolis. I have had Jeter for 3 months now. He has settled in perfectly...he actually settled in within the first hour, ha! It CAN take more time for cats to settle in. So, I got lucky on that front. He has a six foot tall cat tree that he scratches the heck out of. He's an avid catnip user and is completely enamored with his laser light.

After about a month, he started sleeping with me, above the blankets, but always snuggled up against my legs, belly or back. Before it got too cold out, he spent his days watching birds and cars go by from my screened in patio, and he also enjoyed the occasional car ride as I ran errands.


The six months before Jeter came to be a part of my family, he had a tumultuous life.  He went from his original owner to a shelter in Illinois, and then Great Lakes Bengal Rescue was notified of him, and he was then fostered in South Bend, Indiana. So, there was a lot of moving, and a lot of vet visits (typical for a cat incoming to any shelter/home/new owner setting), but let me tell you, it made OUR first vet visit...quite the event. Bengals are very curious by nature, needing to know EXACTLY where their surroundings are. Well, of course, the vet tech had to corral him on the examining table for the Vet to do a thorough examination, and he wanted none of it. I am hoping our next visit (just yearly, as he had a clean bill of health, yay!!) will go much more smoothly. I think I'll give some of the "calming" cat products a try. If anyone has any suggestions on that front, I'd gladly take them! Jeter is also on a diet of Natural Balance pet foods. This is the food that the foster at GLBR used, and I decided to keep it the same. It is high quality, natural, with no by products. I use THEY ARE AMAZING. The prices are unbeatable, shipping is beyond reasonable and their customer service is TOP NOTCH. I am now paying HALF for his food. I highly recommend Chewy!!! One night Jeter somehow managed to drag his FroliCat Laser Light through my living room and then knocked it down the stairs. Chewy replaced it absolutely FREE, and in less than 3 days!!!

He's a chatterbox! Always talking to you, or just generally making his presence known. I feed him wet food for "dinner," and he waits for it everyday. He has taken over both my house and heart. Here are a few more candid pictures of my furchild:

Some Bengal Education...
I operate the Instagram and Twitter for the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. Our handle is @GLBengalRescue. There, I post weekly "Bengal Facts," to help educate about the breed, and of course, I highlight our fosters that up for adoption. Adoption fees range from $100-300, ballpark. It varies on age, special needs, etc. More on GLBR at the end...
I get all of my "Bengal Facts," from So, please, please, please reference them for more info, and know that the following is from their website! (: First off, bengals are a hybrid between a domestic house cat and an Asian Leopard Cat, which is a small tree cat.

They are NOT:
  • ferocious
  • extremely large (Jeter only weighs 10lbs)
  • related to Bengal tigers
  • have litterbox problems 
They DO:
  • open closets, doors, cabinets
  • talk, howl, chirp, growl, and make both unique bengal noises as well as "normal" cat noises
  • like table scraps, or to at least know what you are eating
  • like water, whether it be from the shower, their bowl, fountain, sink
  • dig to China in their litterbox (Jeter uses a Rubbermaid container to help contain his litter)
  • have bursts of energy and will run wild through the house
  • (sometimes, depending on the cat) like to go outside on a leash
  • LOVE their playtime! 
If you watch Cats 101 or My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, then you know playtime is a MUST for bengals to help burn off their energy so that they do not destroy your house or develop other bad behaviors. This is NOT a cat that can just sit in your house all day. They THRIVE on their human interaction. 

The Great Lakes Bengal Rescue is a 501c3 non profit. They rescue bengals either from shelters or through owner surrender in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Adoption fees are dependent on age and any special needs, again, running from $100-300. GLBR helps you through the adoption process to ensure that you find the perfect match for you, your family, home and lifestyle. I always encourage for readers/followers to ask me any questions! I can either answer them, find you an answer OR connect you with the right person at GLBR.

I love Jeter, and wouldn't trade him for any other cat. I have thoroughly enjoyed being owned by Bengal, and definitely look forward to the day when I can add another one to my family.

*Dee* & Jeter

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